Artist statement

  • For Jenny Wilson, painting is a way of seeking a liquid visual order. A jolted movement here, a familiar feature there; the gaze wanders between distinct detail and self-satisfied brush stroke.
  • Her paintings offer a gooey take on classicism. She often uses photographs, of statues for instance, as the ground and starting point for a painterly process where layers are added, removed, pushed back, drowned and pulled forward again, generating an intrinsic, painterly history in the process. The gaze encounters a - somewhat uneasy - tension between what was and what is. A constructed context, shifting and on the verge of melting away.
  • Jenny Wilson (1982, GB) studied BA (Hons) Fine Art at Central Saint Martins School of Art, London (2004), and MFA Painting at the Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen, the Netherlands (2009).